(Event) Special Lecture: Sewerage System: Science, Engineering, and Challenge

IIT Hyderabad will organize a special lecture by Dr. Hiroyasu Sato, the University of Tokyo, with the following detail.

31st October 2017
VenueRoom 112 (Academic Block A)
TitleSewerage System: Science, Engineering, and Challenge
SpeakerProf. Hiroyasu Sato, Associate Professor
Department of Socio-cultural Environmental Studies, Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo


Wastewater management is essential to improve quality of life in urban areas and water quality in receiving water
bodies. About 30 years ago, my research started focusing on microbial aspects in wastewater treatment, because I
knew treatment technology still required improvement, and microorganisms play the key role in removal of pollutant. I
was very much interested in clarifying how microorganisms are living their lives in the artificial environment where
supply of feed and oxygen are dynamically controlled. I strongly feel that, for them, obtaining energy and investment
of energy for their future are the primary interest.

After the Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011, I came to be very much interested in the transportation system of
sewage. The Tsunami seriously destroyed sewage treatment plants along the coastal line, and in response to it, the
sewerage authorities had to invest a lot of human resources, money, and time, to recover from the damage. I hit
upon an idea to improve sewage water quality during transportation in sewer pipe, and I proposed a biological
mechanism which may realize the idea. A private company, Sekisui Chemicals, Co., Ltd., which is a strong polymer
processing company, came to be interested in my idea, we launched our collaboration, and we are now challenging
together to propose a sewerage system for the next generation. If the system is realized, it will contribute a lot to
reduce energy consumption for sewage treatment and to increase opportunities to reuse treated water, and will
improve resilience of present sewerage systems.