FRIENDSHIP facilitates broader collaborations among IIT Hyderabad, Japanese leading universities and companies including Scholarship, Academic Exchange and Industrial Collaboration.

FRIENDSHIP has been actively cooperating with 9 Japanese leading universities: Keio University, Kyoto University, Kyusyu University, Nagoya University, Osaka University, Ritsumeikan University, The University of Tokyo, Tohoku University, and Waseda University. In 2016, the Project entered into MoU with Hokkaido University and Shizuoka University as well. There are now 11 Japanese universities in total and it is expected that collaboration with these universities will be more active and advanced.

FRIENDSHIP offers the scholarship for higher education in Japan for IITH graduates.  This project arranges dissemination seminars on scholarship to inform and encourage IITH students for studying in Japan.  The scholarship will be arranged for 30 graduates to 11 Japanese leading universities.

FRIENDSHIP will also provide following opportunities to the above students if any need arises.
1) Presentation their research activities at IITH,
2) Internship programs in Japan, and
3) Introduction of the above students to project related Japanese companies in India for the further job-hunting.

Academic Exchange
FRIENDSHIP encourages academic exchange among faculties of IITH and 11 Japanese leading universities trough various options as following.
1) Supporting researchers of Japanese universities to give lectures at IITH,
2) Dispatching IITH faculties to Japan for short-term research visit,
3) Assisting WORKSHOP participated by IITH faculties and Japanese researchers on each academic field,
4) Assisting SYMPOSIUM participated by but not limited to IITH faculties, Japanese researchers applying achievements of a series of the above WORKSHOP,
5) Holding SPECIAL LECTURE and other ad-hoc events depend on the occasions, and
6) Exchanging “teaching methodology” through practical events (demonstration workshop etc.)

Industrial Collaboration
FRIENDSHIP introduces opportunities of internship programs and jobs for IITH students  in Japanese companies located in India.  Coordination of internship programs occasionally provided by external source (such as MOFA, Japan) will also be taken cared of by the project.
R&D collaboration between IITH and Japanese companies is another opportunity that FRIENDSHIP is aiming to facilitate.  This project also supports various kind of on-demand events such as joint-workshop by IITH and company, special lectures by company, internship-evaluation by company and the project, preliminary meeting for the further R&D, “ELAN” by IITH students and so on.

Integrated Activity “Indo-Japan Science and Technology Convention”
FRIENDSHIP provides integrated opportunity that showcases the latest research activities and cutting-edge technologies by Indian and Japanese academia and industries.  Research projects by IITH students and FRIENDSHIP scholars in Japan will also be showcased to facilitate technology and experience exchange between India and Japan.  FRIENDSHIP will also follow-up of the above event to connect the outcome of convention to the actual collaborations.

Logistics and Public Relations
FRIENDSHIP promotes the discussion / review on the activity-plan drafted by IITH and Japanese researchers for upcoming years through following actions.
1) Summarizing the past achievements, including results of hearing on needs and demands of faculties,
2) Scheduling the regular discussion/review between the project and IITH, and
3) Assisting operational committees which consist of IITH for each activity if necessary.
Activities and achievement of FRIENDSHIP project will be published through the project web site and SNS tools in order to match the needs among IITH, Japanese universities and Japanese clusters of industry.